Among our customers are the most important industrial firms and power companies:



Projects and works

The list below shows a selection of some projects developed by PROYMECA for our main customers: 



  • S.T. El Olivar 220/20 kV. Wind farm "La Muela"  - Protection and Control.

  • C.T.C.C. Tarragona G.I.S. Blindada Interior 220/25 kV -Protection and Control.

  • GAS Soller - Protection and Auxiliary Services.

  • AIS SAIH RAWL (Petroleum Development Oman).

  • Airport of Castellón - Protection, Control and Auxiliary services.



  • Mobile Distributed Power Generation (Pdvsa Petroleos De Venezuela S.A.).



  • S.E. Qurayyah Sea Water Plant 230 kV. (Arabia Saudi – Aramco) - Control, Protection, Measurement and COMM's.

  • La Plana Del Vent (Gas Natural) - Protection , Control, Command, Optoelectric converters and Auxliary services.

  • S.E. Movil Arabia Truck 1-2 (Arabia Saudi).

  • Port of Barcelona (Gas Natural) - Oscilos, COMM's.

  • Ave Madrid-Valladolid - Switchgear and Feeders.

  • Ave Madrid-Zaragoza - Protection and Control.

  • Ave Córdoba-Málaga - Protection and Control.

  • Ave Madrid-Valencia - Protection and COMM's.

  • Ave Orense-Santiago- Protection and COMM's.

  • SE. Korsze (Poland) - Control and COMM's.

  • SE.Siuna-Mulukuku (Venezuela) - Protection and Control.

  • CCC De Koudiet Ed Draouch (Argelia) - Oscilo boards.



  • High Voltage Mobile Laboratory.

  • Solar inverters.

  • Covergrids.



  • Avibom  CCM/OCC Biodiesel - MCC's.

  • Isolca  CCM/OCC Biodiesel - MCC's.

  • Isolsa CCM/OCC Biodiesel - MCC's.

  • Biogu CCM/OCC Biodiesel - MCC's.

  • Acor CCM/OCC Biodiesel - MCC's.



  • Automation of wind farms.



  • Ciudad De La Energía “Ciuden” (León)

  • Repsol Cartagena.



  • Renovación Protecciones 2000 (Plan 2000).  Protection and Control.

  • Plan Medida Puntos Frontera y Terceros. Centalization and junction boxes.

  • Alcalá LI - Proyecto 61850 - COMM's.




  • S.T. Sant Adriá De Besos 220 and 66 kV. Fecsa Endesa.

  • ER. Maragall Red Electrica.

  • S.T. Granadilla 220 kV. Unelco.

  • S.T. Gazules Cia. Sevillana De Electricidad.

  • S.T. Casablanca 132 kV. ERZ.

  • Central Diesel Melilla - PLC's and  Control General Services.

  • CD. Ibiza - Control and Protection TG5.

  • Gesa Gas Y Electricadidad : SE. Mahon.



  • Plan Madrid - Control, Protection, Measurement  and Auxiliary services.

  • C.H. Puentelarra - Protection, COMM's, Control and PLC.

  • Beniferri - Protection and Auxiliary Services.

  • Kiambere (Kenia) - Control.

  • S.T. Ventosa Del Ducado - COMM's, Control, Protection and SS.AA.

  • San Miguel De Salinas - Auxiliary Services.

  • S.T. Paramo De Vega - Control, Protection and COMM's.



  • S.E. Dimas (Syrian Arab Republic-Peegt) - Control, Protection, Measurement and SS.AA.



  • Airport of Madrid-Barajas.

  • Airport of Tenerife Sur.

  • Airport of León.

  • Airport of Zaragoza.

  • Airport of Pamplona.

  • Iron Mines Mauritania.



  • Proyecto Integración De Activo (PIA).

  • S.E. Bescano - Control, Protection and SS.AA. 

  • S.E. Ascó - SS.AA and CPCC 220 Vcc.

  • S.E. Trinitat - Integrated racks.

  • S.E. Romica - Protection and Control.

  • S.E. Chantada - Protection and Control.

  • S.E. Villaviciosa - Protection and Control.



  • S.T. Fausita 220, 132 and 66 kV - Protection and Control.

  • S.T. Boadilla 220 kV - Protection and Control.

  • S.T. Camino Fregacedos 132 kV - Protection and Control.

  • San Miguel De Salinas. - Coupling.

  • S.T. El Terminillo - Protection and Control.

  • S.T. Fuendetodos - Protection and Control.

  • S.T. Santa Mª de Grado - Protection and Control.


All our products are manufactured, assembled and tested according to current regulations, codes and ISO 9001 quality criteria.


QUALITY has been always our differentiating feature. Our products are characterized by high standars finishes and severe mechanical and dielectric responses. For this, the design and manufacturing of all metalwork, machining and shaping of enclosures , bus bars, fittings, mounting plates and accessories are customized in our workshops and through our suppliers to adapt in a suitable way to each project. We can also install any enclosure, accessory or kit available on the market.




Protection, Control and Measurement cabinets.                     Power Distribution switchboards. Motor Control Centers (MCC's).
Command and Control boards. Auxiliary Services AC/DC.           PLC's and industrial PC's cabinets.
Synoptics of polycarbonate, mosaic and serigraphy.  LV / MV Switchgears.                            LV / MV Centralization Boxes.       

Power Electronics Converters.

Special and customized manufacturing.                                                                                                               

Our Facilities

Located in Getafe (Madrid). 4000m² of workshop, warehouse and technical office  dedicated to manufacturing, assembling and wiring of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as development of technical projects, work planning and supervision.



  • Main Workshop
    Main Workshop

    It includes the Areas of Machining, Assembly, Wiring, FAT Tests, Warehouse and Department of Marking, Labeling and Serigraphy.

  • Special Manufacturing Workshop
    Special Manufacturing Workshop

    It's available 2000m2 of workshop  for manufacturing and storage of special and customized equipments.                                                                             

  • Machining Area
    Machining Area

    We own all necessary equipment for metalworking, machinig of enclosures, bus bars, fittings and mounting plates.

  • Marking & Labeling Department
    Marking & Labeling Department

    Professional works of cable marking, equipment labeling and serigraphy of lamps, pushbuttons and selectors.

  • Our offices
    Our offices

    We have spacious and modern offices and meeting rooms.                                                                                                                                   

  • Technical Office Department
    Technical Office Department

    We count on a great team of engineers and qualified technicians.                                                                                                                 




PROYMECA has flexibility and capacity to adapt to customer requirements in each case, offering full services from  project management and  turnkey works to specific technical needs:


Electrical Engineering

  • Basic and detailed engineering.
  • Design of control and command boards.
  • Design of MCC's.


Instrumentation and Control Engineering

  • Estudies of control, regulation and command systems.
  • Developing of dedicated systems based on controllers and microprocessors for special needs.
  • Equipment and enclosures layout.
  • Blocks diagrams.
  • PLC's and distributed control.
  • Industrial software.
  • Monitoring, control and data acquisition of processes (commercials SCADA, Intouch etc.).


 Works y Services on Site

  • Works management.
  • Mounting and supervision.
  • MV works.
  • LV works (power, control and lighting).
  • Transformer station installations.
  • Commissioning.

Energy Solutions

PROYMECA  is a company dedicated since 1985 to Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembling of electrical boards, panels and cabinets on Low and Medium Voltage for all types of electrical and automatization installations.

The activities integrated by PROYMECA take place in a diverse range of industries:


Industrial Plants

  • Steel and Metallurgy.


  • Renewables.
  • Petrochemical.
  • Cogeneration.
  • Fertilizers.
  • Thermal and nuclear power plants.
  • Cement.
  • Fuel and Diesel power plants
  • Alimentary.
  • Electrical substations MV/HV.
  • Dosing and weighing.
  • Transformer stations.
  • Continuous transport (conveyor belts, stackers, bucket wheels).
  • Oil refineries and derivatives.
  • Water treatment.



Our experience, training and growth has positioned us as one of the biggest and most serious suppliers of:



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