Policies and Benchmarks

The main guidelines that set up the action policies of PROYMECA have achieved recognition and confidence of its customers who take part today of a chosen family among prestigious industrial firms. They are the best  evidence of quality services and PROYMECA refers to them as a guarantee to present.


PROYMECA, as an expanding and growing company sets the following objectives:


To fulfill its commitments efficiently, PROYMECA is integrated practically into all the value chain of their products and services. As an added value, it supports and collaborates with two partners within the company group:


 -    Cointec Instalaciones -  

LV / MV  installations and  industrial processes.

    -   Proinelca Power -  

Engineering, control and development.        


We are deeply committed to the quality of our products and services so we have implemented a Quality Assurance System, according to the standard UNE-EN-ISO-9001: 20015.

PROYMECA is a spanish company dedicated to MV and LV cabinets and panels manufacturing. Our Quality Policy is an intregal part of the company strategic plan, it has been stablished by Managing Direction and communicated to all the employees.

We consider Quality Policy as the most important tool through which operational activities  are carried out and serve as a reference to set quality objectives and main goals.

Our Quality Policy is focused on achieving customer satisfaction. It is defined in three specific sections, MISSION, VISION and VALUES.


Manufacturing based on legal standards, regulations and customer requirements.


 The following aspects are  implemented in order to achieve quality goals:



Our quality policy is an integral part of the strategic policy of the company and is focus on achieving customer satisfaction. It is defined in three specific sections:


 "Proymeca's quality policy  is understood, implemented and updated at all levels of the organization and owns the full commitment and support of the Directive".